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Health Insurance Options for under 65

Group Plan


Getting your health insurance from with a Group Plan from an employer is common place. Work places are required to cover at least half the cost for the employee and often with larger companies they have good rates by the power of buying in bulk.


Group plans are often great options, they can be priced well and there is no underwriting when buying with group coverage.



ACA and Blue Cross


If you do not have a group plan the next place to look at health plans is on the Market Place, or the ACA


The Affordable Care Act was the health insurance bill that Obama put out, and it put together the Marketplace and rules for what must be covered 

    Subsidy the ACA or Affordable Care Act plans, are subsidized based on income you may qualify for part or all of your month premium covered for you. 


Depending on where you live there maybe one or multiple companies that have plans available in your area. Plan options also vary depending on your location.